Providing a better stretch to improve flexibility of the foot and leg

Alleviate heel pain, pain from plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis. Massage away pain in IT bands, quads and hamstrings. Improve dorsiflexion and big toe flexibility to improve athletic performance.


Do you suffer from heel pain, plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendonitis?

Doctors recommend stretching to restore the range of motion of your foot and ankle and relieve pain. Yet, improper, weight-bearing stretches may actually cause you more pain.

SoleStretch™ Foot and Leg Stretcher steps in to provide a proper stretch, helping your body to align and heal itself from the ground up.

The SoleStretch Stretching Exercise is:

  • \Controlled
  • \Pain-free, thorough and restorative
  • \Non-weightbearing

How It Works

The non weight-bearing SoleStretch stretch

You perform the SoleStretch Stretch seated, with no weight on your leg, enabling your muscles to fully relax.

Pain-Free, Thorough and Restorative

The SoleStretch Stretch starts at your toes and stretches your foot and leg together for a more complete stretch

Lacrosse Ball-sized disk for deep tissue massage; Massage IT bands, quads, hamstrings and other muscles; Disassembles for easy transport, fits in gym bag and carry-ons; Pressure point/myofascial release nub; Footrest engages toes at ball of foot for superior stretch

Why SoleStretch FLS is different

Typical weight-bearing Stretching can lead to more pain

When you stretch with weight on your leg, your muscles contract. This contraction can overstretch your tendons, leading to more pain.

weight bearing stretching
weight bearing stretching

Typical weight-bearing Stretching can lead to more pain

When you stretch with weight on your leg, your muscles contract. This contraction can overstretch your tendons, leading to more pain.

towel stretching

Bands, towels and foot rockers provide incomplete stretches

Bands and towels looped around the arch of the foot do not stretch the foot, neither do foot rockers. This leaves the foot stiff, reducing the overall effect of stretching.

Comparing Stretching Alternatives

SoleStretch™ FLS is a superior stretching tool because it stretches your foot and leg at the same time, does so in a controlled, easy to use fashion and is done with the weight off your leg in one easy motion.

SoleStretch FLSBands and Towels around archFoot RockersSlant boardsHanging heel off stepPush against a wall with leg behind youCrossing foot across kneeSeated runner's stretch
Stretches foot and leg??
Unweighted stretch
No balancing required
Controlled stretch
Easy to reach feetN/AN/AN/AN/A??

Dorsiflexion, Big Toe Flexibility, Athletic Performance

SoleStretch may improve dorsiflexion and big toe flexibility when used on a regular basis.


Athletic Performance

Elite athletes demonstrate a high degree of dorsiflexion and big toe flexibility. SoleStretch may restore or improve dorsiflexion and big toe flexibility when used regularly.


Dorsiflexion, the motion of bringing the foot toward the knee, is limited by anatomy and lack of flexibility of the calf muscles. Stretching with the SoleStretch may improve flexibility, enabling a higher degree of dorsiflexion.

Big Toe Flexibility

Stretching the big toe with the SoleStretch may restore toe flexibility, which enhances the explosive push off of the foot critical to athletic performance.

Massaging your IT Band, quads, and hamstrings

Massage IT Bands, Quads & Hamstrings

The handle of the SoleStretch is ideal for massaging your IT Bands, quads and hamstrings.

Curves in the Handle

The curves in the handle bend around the legs unlike a straight stick roller.

Deep Focal Massage

The lacrosse ball-sized disk on the end of the handle provides a deep focal massage anywhere on the body.

Watch Video Demonstrations

See the How to Use page for videos for demonstrations of these and how to use the SoleStretch for shin splints.

What Customers are Saying about SoleStretch

“[Since using SoleStretch], I’ve run, done yoga, and went to a cardio dance class over the past week and zero foot pain!”

— Customer

“Provides a stretch that I’ve never felt.”

— Running Store Owner

“I have been treating patients for podiatric issues for the past 35 years. Of the tens of thousands of patients I have seen, heel pain is one of the most common debilitating issues. This pain can usually be attributed to tight calf muscles. Solestretch is an innovative solution to this widespread and underserved issue, in that it ensures that the stretching of calf muscles is done properly, palliating the heel pain. Unlike the current, most frequently prescribed treatments, Solestretch can also prevent heel pain from re-occurring through its continuous use. It also has an economic benefit to patients since it prevents the need for costly and time-consuming physical therapy visits, allowing patients to properly stretch in the comfort of their own home.”

— Dr. Gary Ritz


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